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Eateries of Interest

HA! The long anticipated and heavily awaited blog about MY FAVORITE PLACES TO EAT!
These are four of my favorite places to get my snack on, and I promise none of them will disappoint.

We start our tour with “Gus’s Good Times Deli” which is on Melrose between Hess and the Strip. It closes nightly at 4am, and when its late and you find yourself really hungry for some greasy delicious food, its time for Gus’s Good Times. The first time I ever ate there, I didn’t know what to order so I told the guy to make me whatever he would have at that very moment. He made me a Steamed Roast Beef Sub on White with Mustard. Its what I get every time now. They have burgers and Fries and Fried everything, all sorts of sandwiches, and tons of random delicious food. If you come to UT, you will have to eat at Gus’s at some point. Its awesome. In the Picture above is my Sandwich with fries, and behind it fried onion rings and a burger for my friends. Great night.
Next we have GIBBS. GIBBS. GIBBSSSSSSSSS. Also known as “The Varsity Inn Cafeteria” but it is within Gibbs residence hall, so we call it Gibbs. Gibbs is generally an athlete dorm, lots of players from every team live there during their freshman year, and the food is better in Gibbs than any other Cafeteria, at least in my opinion. I got my meal plan there, and its awesome. Behind the counter is Mike, who is a fantastic cook that proposed my favorite not at home meal of all time. He calls it “Soul Night.” Its usually on a friday night, maybe once every 5 or 6 weeks. BBQ Ribs, Fried Chicken, Mac n’ Cheese, and thats it. Its awesome. The ribs are unbelievably good, the fried chicken is awesome, and while the Mac n’ Cheese is also amazing you don’t want to eat any because it takes up the valuable space in your stomach for ribs and chicken. The bottom line, if ever you hear “its soul night at Gibbs tonight” I highly recommend you go get you some. The woman behind the desk is the friendly face that always greets you with a “how you doin’ child?” or “are you havin’ a good day?” She is awesome and made me retake that picture until she got one she liked.THE UC SNACK SHOP. I don’t know exactly what its name is, but the snack shop is awesome. all the drinks are one dollar. Tax included. Meaning, walk up, ask for an Orange Powerade, and drop mr George Washington on the table and leave. Its amazing. The candy is an even better deal, and they have all sorts of little snacky type items. The UC snack shop is the best place on campus to buy little snack foods.
AND NOW. (Imagine a drumroll.) My absolute favorite place to eat in the world! “Rays Place.” Rays is a little known secret on the hill. It is owned by Ray the man on the right, and has been for a long time. He runs this little shop with a big smile on his face all the time, and the best customer service imaginable. To quote him after I asked if I could take his picture for my blog he responded “I don’t mind at all if you don’t mind having a picture of an ugly old man in your camera.” Or when once he was asked how he was doing he responded “If I looked ten percent as good as I feel, all these lovely young ladies around here wouldn’t be able to take their eyes off me.” Rays Place is sort of a ritual for me, I go there pretty much every tuesday and thursday, and I always get the Sweet Tea. It is in my opinion the best sweet tea I have ever had, and its super cheap. Rays also has Lunch Specials with a wide variety of hot dishes. Thursday I had Lasagna for Lunch from Rays. Diane, the woman on the left runs that part of the show, and she helps Ray out a ton with the business. The thing that is neat about Ray’s, is that Ray is Blind. Straight up will bang a quarter against his eyeball to show you its not real if you don’t believe he is blind. This only makes the business that much more awesome. He accepts cards, but mostly its a cash exchange, and he knows the price of everything, and adds them up in his head in front of you. “Well the Sweet Tea with Ice will be eighty-five, the Lasagna will be three-seventy five, and the blueberry muffin will be a buck-fifty, so lets make that an even six then” He has a way either by feeling the bills or by the tone of your voice whether you are giving him what you say you are. He obviously prefers singles, but if you come up and say all you have is a ten, he will happily give you change and somehow know whether its actually a ten or not. He has a little dish in front of the register that you put your money in, he knows to go there to grab it, and he counts out your change from the register no problem. I really recommend stopping by at Ray’s Place if you are ever in Knoxville, especially for a campus tour. If you ask your tour guide where Rays Place is, they will be impressed I promise, not even all the UT students know about Rays. It is tucked away on the backside top part of the hill, and its just my luck that two sets of like 30 stairs stand between Rays and me after I get out of class on tuesdays and thursdays. Its worth it though.

Well, I hope you enjoyed my rant about Eateries, and I hope you are lucky enough to enjoy one or more of these places someday.
Love you Readers,

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